We are interested in you.

We are invested in your needs. We are interested your lifestyle, your habits, quirks, and what makes you different. We specialize in building extraordinary livable spaces, for you

Make your Statement

From the beaches of New England to the coasts of Florida, we've designed and built livable homes for families of all shapes and sizes.

Space for a Chef

We have a personal chef on staff to consult on every one of the kitchens that we build. Successfully melding style and functionality is what we do. 

Our Specialties

We have experience in the details. Our master craftsmen are highly qualified in the areas of design, woodworking and metal crafting.


This, is where we prove ourselves.

We get that you probably don't care about how much we know, until you know that we care. So this online space is to prove how we care about the integrity of our work and how we care about you. 

Function doesn't have to sacrifice for style. Comfort doesn't have to sacrifice for beauty. And Quality doesn't have to sacrifice for your budget. 


Spectacular livable spaces start here. 

We are here to create a space for you. A space that will fit every one of your needs, and one that can conform even when your needs change.

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Seamless Style and Functionality


No matter what style of cooking or size of your kitchen, this is where we converge.

One of the biggest things we have discovered over the past 30 years of designing homes (whether you really like it or not) your kitchen will be the most important room in your home. Take away the fancy cutlery, take away the luxury countertops and expensive appliances... people are still going to gather in your kitchen. This space is where the most fundamental of human needs, food and drink, are prepared and subsequently that space is where your fellow humans want to be.


So, yes... We get it. We understand how important your kitchen is. We understand that you are probably going to prepare your dishes differently than the last family we built a kitchen for. We get that you have your quirks and special needs. And, so what if you put ketchup on your mac and cheese? We aren't here to judge you, we are here to build you the kitchen of your dreams that will always accommodate your needs.

So, we hired a chef.

 Chef Laurent Poupart

Chef Laurent Poupart

Yes, we have a private chef on staff to consult with every one of the kitchens we build. Because we believe that your kitchen is that important.

Chef Poupart has been working as a private chef for the past 10 years in the homes of high profile clients such as Mike Moreno, Gerald Ford, Kevin Costner, Cindy Crawford, Kenny G, and Hollywood Producer Joel Silver. A restauranteur, Poupart has taken restaurants from conception to opening night and beyond across the United States from New York to Tallahassee, Dallas and San Antonio.

Visit www.chefpoupart.com to learn more about him.


Closet remodels are a spectacularly wonderful thing. For some people, getting dressed is the equivalent ritual of cooking an egg, but for others, this ritual is all about preparing your day to be beautiful. 

Often times we walk in to a closet remodel consultation after a homeowner has already requested bids from specialty closet companies. While we can't speak about their processes, we have seen that their prices do not reflect the quality of their materials. Many times we are hired to come and repair or replace the MDF type particle board or mechanical hardware parts that after very little time, have disintegrated. We believe that when building something as functionally important as a closet, we don't begin to skimp or cheapen our process by using sub-par materials or hardware. 

The process of designing a closet is such an intensely personal experience that we prefer to spend a few hours one-on-one with you discussing your needs and lifestyle. This is an opportunity for the daily necessities and the beauty of your life to finally shake hands. 


Fit for Royalty

This is the space where we prepare for the day. And this is the space where we relax to get away from it. Mentally and physically, this space is where your mornings discover their potential and your evenings prepare for it. Sure, it's supposed to utilitarian. But functional doesn't have to mean boring.

They call it The Throne Room for a reason, and we aren't convinced that it's because of the porcelain.


This is what makes us special.

Ceilings and Moldings

Staircases and Iron Work

Specialty Floors, Wood Inlay and Tilework