A Little Bit Different.

What makes you different. Are you a little bit artsy? All business? Totally engulfed in family? I can say without a doubt that we have met some very interesting people on our trip to getting here. Every single one of those people, as different as they come, have one thing in common. They want the best that they can have and they want the best person to do the job right. We are all at a different place and on different levels; and to pretend that we all have the same interests, lifestyles, and budgets would be naive. We are interested in relationships. We are not interested in "the quickie."

 It's Midnight, and here we are getting the job done.

It's Midnight, and here we are getting the job done.

We have made a good business practice of positive and longstanding relationships with clients who are interested in the same. We aren't planning on getting in and getting out, we are planning on being in for the long haul. We've found our passions and one of the biggest parts of that passion is finding out what yours are. We are in a place right now where "the standards" and "the cookie cutter" and "the big box ideas" just don't align with the ideas we have for the future. 

We are going to take our time the first time because there shouldn't have to be a second time.

When leave our projects at the end of the day, we don't stop working for you. We stay up until the wee hours of the night discussing how we can make your experience better. How we can streamline your living experience and improve your home's lifestyle. 

Because for us, it's not about the sale.

We aren't used car salesmen.

We don't wear $500 sunglasses, we don't sweet-talk, and we won't convince you into re-constructing things that you don't need or want done (to pay for said sunglasses)

For us, it's not about just getting the job and getting out. It's about the art of woodworking and the experience of creating something so great that it will last a century, not five years.