Founded by Father-Daughter team, Craftsman Douglas Broadbent and award-winning Artist Paige Poupart. 


Douglas Broadbent and daughter Paige building custom furniture in their East Coast Shop.

We have made a good business practice of positive and longstanding relationships with clients who are interested in the same. We've found our passions and one of the biggest parts of that passion is finding out what yours are. We are in a place right now where "the standards" and "the cookie cutter" and "the big box ideas" just don't align with the ideas we have for the future. 

When we leave your project at the end of the day, we don't stop working for you.

We stay up until the wee hours of the night discussing how we can make your experience better. How we can streamline your living experience and improve your home's lifestyle. 


For us, it's not about just getting the job and getting out. It's about the art of woodworking and the experience of creating something so great that it will last a century.


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  Douglas Broadbent

Douglas Broadbent

"My best friend Scott was blind and came to me and said he wanted to run cross country. He asked me to run with him and be his guide. I was so busy working on the farm that I had never done any sports up to high school, so I showed up with my work boots on and picked up running with him. We came in last for a long time, but then I started to become very good; even with work boots on. And at some point he said, "Don't wait for me, just win."  I remember my Mum and Dad coming to watch me race, and I came in 3rd, and they noticed that everyone else was wearing sneakers and I was still wearing my steal toed work boots. So after that race we went out and they bought me a pair of Nike Cortez racing sneakers, and I came in first every race after that. I broke all kinds of records in long distance. 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters. It was a great life experience for me, to see the power of working hard actually paying off. I could never blame my equipment after that. Always take an obstacle and just overcome it." 


Douglas Broadbent

Master Craftsman & General Contractor

Born in East Massachusetts, Doug was raised building barns, chicken coops and fences on the family farm. During high school he worked summers apprenticing under Master Craftsman and Contractor Domanick Falconeri. For four years, Mr. Falconeri spent hours working one on one with Doug teaching him how to read and design architectural plans. Doug not only learned the tools to design plans, but also the gumption to ask for a job, the grace to manage employees and the character to build a integrity filled business.

After his apprenticeship, Doug was offered a supervisory position for another construction company working on 150,000 sq. foot commercial projects. By the end of the year, Broadbent was managing multiple commercial projects and employees across the state. In 1985, Doug founded Broadbent Builder's Inc. building and remodeling high end homes across the east coast of Massachusetts.

After moving to Florida in 2000, he built up a reputation of unfailing integrity and the utmost professionalism and was called on to design and build multimillion dollar homes.

One of Doug's first renovations. 1912 Farmhouse in Lakeville, Massachusetts

 Paige Poupart

Paige Poupart

Paige Poupart

Design Director & REALTOR

Paige has been working professionally in design and the visual arts for the past 8 years. She began her career in 2005 as design intern and project manager with a residential construction firm based out of Central Florida. She attended the University of Florida for Architecture and spent time studying Historic Preservation in France through Columbia University's International Program. Paige graduated Summa Cud Laude in 2010 with a BFA from Flagler College in St. Augustine. 

Her well developed taste in design extends throughout Florida, Louisiana and Texas. She held a seat on the board for Historic Gainesville Inc., Historic Preservation Association for North Central Florida in 2009, 2010 and 2011. She has designed and managed both large and small projects for Residential Construction Firms, Law Offices, Restaurants, Retail Spaces, and Creative Offices. She also has been blessed to work closely with exceptional Louisiana based Architect Henry A. Boudreaux and more recently, donated her design expertise to cultural non-profit organizations Alliance Française de Lafayette as well as The Preservation Alliance of Lafayette.

 Chef Laurent Poupart

Chef Laurent Poupart

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Chef Laurent Poupart

Private Chef and Kitchen Design Consultant

Chef Poupart has been working as a private chef for the past 10 years in the homes of high profile clients such as Mike Moreno, Gerald Ford, Kevin Costner, Cindy Crawford, Kenny G, and Hollywood Producer Joel Silver. A restauranteur, Poupart has taken restaurants from conception to opening night and beyond across the United States from New York to Tallahassee, Dallas and San Antonio.


  • Featured in People Magazine, May 1997
  • Cordon Blue Association Food Show, New York, Second Place 1997
  •  Member of Jury for French Culinary Institute, New York, October 1995
  • Cammandeur de la Commandierie des Cordon Bleus, 1997
  • Salon Culinary Arts, New York, 1995 Second Prize
  • Foire Europeene, Strasbourg, France, 1987 Gold Medal
  • What exactly do ya'll do?
    We can tackle pretty much anything. Got floor plans? Empty lot? Friend who is a realtor? Floors need refinishing? Just a kitchen remodel? Give us a call, we have you covered.
  • I'm on a budget, is that ok?
    Haha, I am too! We work with clients on budgets everyday. Part of what makes us a great team for many people is that we understand that your dream home may cost more than you can afford right now. We will work with you to understand what you value most in your home and how we can get the most bang for your bucks right now, and in the future. 
  • We have the DIY channel, I'm pretty sure my husband can do this himself. What do you think?
    We hear this a lot. We are pretty sure that with 10 plus years of higher education and 40 years of construction and design experience he could too. But, it might be safer (in the long run) if we take a look at it before he breaks out the sledge hammer and hot glue gun.
  • I heard about ya'll TV Show on HGTV! How can I watch it?
    Our Pilot Episode of "Renovation Gap" is going to be airing on HGTV network on July 22nd at 2pm EST.
  • Can our project be on your next show? How does that work?
    Later this year we will start qualifying projects to be a part of Renovation Gap! As of right now, we can't give out any timelines or specifics, but we can say that HGTV doesn't foot the build so if you want to be a part of the show, you'll definitely want to start saving up for your project! If you'd like to be put on the list for consideration, please reach out to us at